Three Industries That Benefit from Industrial Products

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Did you know that almost every type of business in the United States makes use of an industrial product to improve the service or item they sell to you? Whether it is Destaco power clamps, hydraulic pumps, or stem casters, someone is using them to make sure they keep you safe and happy. Here are three of the most important American industries putting industrial products to use each day.

  • Molding Companies
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    Companies that specialize in the molding of plastic or terracotta pieces for bathrooms, cars, or architecture all have to make use of clamps on a daily basis. Destaco power clamps, for example, are often used by these companies to keep molds in place after a raw material has been placed inside them to set. Since Destaco power clamps exert 600 pounds of force, these businesses can be sure the mold is going nowhere.

  • Food Service
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    Food service companies, whether fast food or traditional, use a huge array of industrial products, like knobs and handles, each and every day. In the fast-paced, high heat setting of the kitchen safety is key. Stainless steel Destaco grippers are often used in the kitchen to quickly and safely grab pots and pans in a sanitary way. Since grippers can be used to pick up various objects, large or small, they are perfect for the kitchen.

  • Construction Companies
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    Perhaps no American industry makes use of more industrial products than construction companies. On any given day, a contractor is likely making use of many industrial products. For instance, a coupling bolt, used to allow machinery to rotate 70 degrees while staying secure may be used on a cutting tool. On the same saw there are linear bearings that make sure the amount of friction produced by the tool’s working parts is not too great. This keeps the machine working effectively for longer. Finally, once all the cutting and building is done, a deburring tool is used to safely smooth out any perfections on a surface after a less precise instrument has been used to craft the piece.

Clearly, industrial products are a hugely integral part of the American industrial landscape. Services we use each and every day make use of products like Destaco power clamps, vibration pads, and others to ensure the services and items they offer us are of the finest quality. Continue:

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  1. I’ve worked in the kitchen for twenty years. Nothing like a good pair of grippers to get you through a shift without completely destroying your hands. -AslanRox

  2. @AslanRox- I’m with you, brother. Been on the line 12 years this month.

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