The Next Big Thing in the Food Packaging Industry 6 Great Benefits to Flat Bottom Pouches

Written by Business magazine. Posted in Flexible packaging products, Liquid spout bags


We all want to find ways to keep our food nice and fresh. I have always had a problem with lettuce getting slimy and limp within days of purchasing it. However, I recently just discovered how to avoid that all together! I do like to pre cut all my vegetables to make salad preparing easier. If I simply tear it in to the bite size pieces and seal it in a Tupperware, it stays fresh and crunchy for more than week! It was the best hack I found all week because fresh and uncontaminated food is always a priority. Sealing things really does help keep out unwanted elements. Sealed plastic pouches and wraps not only keep food fresh but keep out contamination. One of the great things about using plastic for food s