The Next Big Thing in the Food Packaging Industry 6 Great Benefits to Flat Bottom Pouches


We all want to find ways to keep our food nice and fresh. I have always had a problem with lettuce getting slimy and limp within days of purchasing it. However, I recently just discovered how to avoid that all together! I do like to pre cut all my vegetables to make salad preparing easier. If I simply tear it in to the bite size pieces and seal it in a Tupperware, it stays fresh and crunchy for more than week! It was the best hack I found all week because fresh and uncontaminated food is always a priority. Sealing things really does help keep out unwanted elements. Sealed plastic pouches and wraps not only keep food fresh but keep out contamination. One of the great things about using plastic for food storage, is the recycling availability. It’s so easy to recycle all kinds of plastic, not just bottles and bags but yogurt pots and flat bottom pouches and zippered pouches and more.

One of the best ways to store liquids as well as food is in the flat bottom pouches that are available today. These are very similar to the stand-up pouches. Flat bottom pouches are decidedly the next big thing among food packaging manufacturers. Here are a few of the advantages of the flat bottom pouches:

  1. Less Film is Used – The flat pouches use 12% less film than other similar packaging materials. You may think that this would make the pouch more flimsy and subject to leakage but the opposite is actually true. The flat pouch can hold even more than other kinds. So, not only does it take less resources and energy to make them; less material means cheaper costs for both the manufacturer and the purchaser. Having a material that is environmentally friendly is a huge benefit in this industry. It is a great selling technique because of how plastic can be reused to save the planet.

  2. No Need for Cartons – The way that the pouches are designed means that there is no need for an outer carton like a box or extra packaging. This reduces costs again and is also much friendlier on the environment. The fact that the pouch can be sold as is, is a huge benefit to the product.

  3. A Resealable Version is Available – The zip lock version of flat bottom pouches is so convenient. There is also a resealable spouted pouch that can be bought, where the lid can be replaced. You see these kind very often in baby food, so the baby can eat directly from the pouch but once they are done, the lid can be screwed back on, the pouch refrigerated and no food is wasted.

  4. Room for Advertising – The way that the pouches are made leaves a lot of space on them that could be used in order to advertise and sell the product. This helps with branding and things like that. there is also a possibility of being able to sell the space, if the manufacturer designs they don’t need that much for themselves. They could make money buy selling ad space on the pouch itself.

  5. It is Stable – The fact that the pouch is made with a flat bottom makes the product able to stand on its own. This looks good in the grocery store as it sits on the shelves, making them clearly visible to shoppers. It also helps for storage at home. There’s nothing more frustrating than things falling over in your pantry or refrigerator as your trying to keep organized so having a flat bottom on your products makes life a lot easier.

  6. Different Shapes and Sizes – The variety of shapes and sizes that can be made from this flexible food packaging is innumerable. There really is no limit on what kind of pouch can be made. You just have to decide what product you want to go inside the pouch and from there the necessary decisions about the size and shape can be made.

No matter what you are looking to package, the flexible food packaging market is the best way to go. It’s easy, cheap, accessible and good for the environment.


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