The Benefits of Intermodal Shipping

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Machinery movers

Intermodal shipping is important because it allows for products to be shipped utilizing multiple methods, which is often needed without needing to unload and reload the products costing more money and wasting time.

An intermodal container can be transported easily by ship, train, and truck. They are a standard sized container that can be affixed to the different modes of transport as needed. They are stackable and easy to move utilizing a crane. Reducing costs of transport is one of the most significant benefits of intermodal shipping.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 15 billion tons of cargo transported through trucking each year, and that number is anticipated to increase to nearly 19 billion by 2040. The trucking industry continues to be the most used a

The Pharma Logistics Solution LTL Shipping

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Pharmaceutical logistics

Pharmaceutical companies thrive off distribution of medication to different parts of the country. Because medical practitioners prescribe patients locally, the prescriptions need to be filled often by a local pharmacy. Those prescriptions contain certain numbers–dosage amounts–which correspond to the number of pills being issued.

A doctor may prescribe a medication at a different dosage than before or have a certain dosage that is different than the total dosage–a 24 milligram prescription filled in three tablets of 8 milligrams. Complicating this factor is that a doctor prescribing medication may in turn prescribe the same 24 milligrams in terms of two 12 milligram tablets.

Pharmacies must have these prescriptions in stock to fill the prescriptions the day of, which is the preferred meth