The Benefits of Intermodal Shipping

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Intermodal shipping is important because it allows for products to be shipped utilizing multiple methods, which is often needed without needing to unload and reload the products costing more money and wasting time.

An intermodal container can be transported easily by ship, train, and truck. They are a standard sized container that can be affixed to the different modes of transport as needed. They are stackable and easy to move utilizing a crane. Reducing costs of transport is one of the most significant benefits of intermodal shipping.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 15 billion tons of cargo transported through trucking each year, and that number is anticipated to increase to nearly 19 billion by 2040. The trucking industry continues to be the most used and most reliable form of transportation for goods and products. There are an estimated 12 million trucks, train cars, and vessels moving goods throughout the world.

With almost six million commercial truck drivers in the United States, the trucking industry is an essential part of the overall economy. According to one report, the three most valuable items transported by truck are machinery, electronics, and automotives.

It is reasonable to assert that the logistics and transportation is a significant factor for any company shipping or receiving goods. Spending on logistics and trucking in the United States alone is estimated to be in the ballpark of $1.48 trillion a year and represents 8% of the annual gross domestic product.

In addition to tracking products and destinations, logistics includes the timing of deliveries, which is very important. Expedited freight companies depend on their ability to meet the demands of their business for survival. If a shipping company fails to meet the delivery needs of their customers, the customers will look elsewhere. Timelines are extremely important for manufacturing companies. If they don?t get their supplies on the anticipated timeline, that will throw off their production schedule, which will cost them money and customers as the finished products will not be shipped out on time.

Machinery transport services or oversize freight services are considered specialized services. Similarly to other services, dependability is what customers need the most. While maintaining a competitive price is important, companies will pay for dependability.

Logistics is an extremely challenging and often stressful undertaking. There are complex computer system available to help manage logistics and ensure that every package is accounted for within an organized system. This allows for real-time tracking, as well as records if there is a need for an insurance claim due to damaged products.

Intermodal Shipping makes the process of shipping things globally easier and more cost effective. However, global shipping is far more complex than national shipping, so the details of logistics and tracking become even more important and include international regulations and laws regarding products moving in and out of specific companies.

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