Camp in Style and See the Whole Country With an RV

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Steel crane mat

One great way to see America and camp in style is to use a recreational vehicle (commonly abbreviated RV). If you’re a little older and feel like your bones can’t really take the hard ground anymore, ditching a tent for an RV can be a great and luxurious option. If you’re taking a cross country trip (and plan on many more), an RV can be a much cheaper option than staying in hotels. You can equip your RV with all the comforts that you enjoy, stock up on food and drinks at grocery stores, and pay a campsite or RV fee at campgrounds, instead of paying for a hotel. If you’re traveling a lot, an RV can really help cut costs, once the initial purchase price is paid down. An RV will protect you from the elements, will be safe, clean, and odor-free, and you’ll have more control over your surroundings than in a tent or