Camp in Style and See the Whole Country With an RV

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One great way to see America and camp in style is to use a recreational vehicle (commonly abbreviated RV). If you’re a little older and feel like your bones can’t really take the hard ground anymore, ditching a tent for an RV can be a great and luxurious option. If you’re taking a cross country trip (and plan on many more), an RV can be a much cheaper option than staying in hotels. You can equip your RV with all the comforts that you enjoy, stock up on food and drinks at grocery stores, and pay a campsite or RV fee at campgrounds, instead of paying for a hotel. If you’re traveling a lot, an RV can really help cut costs, once the initial purchase price is paid down. An RV will protect you from the elements, will be safe, clean, and odor-free, and you’ll have more control over your surroundings than in a tent or a campground cabin. Purchasing some accessories like ground mats or ground protection mats can be a useful addition to your RV as well.
Who Purchases RVs?
The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association reports that almost 9 million households have an RV in their possession. People who enjoy camping are among the most likely to purchase an RV; the American Camping Report in 2014 showed that over 15% of campers stayed in RVs versus a tent or cabin. In general, a Michigan study showed that the median age of an RV owner is around 48. They’re usually married and have an annual household income over $60,000 — so they’re wealthier than the average household. Additionally, they’re more likely to own their home outright and spend extra money on travel — at least three weeks per year. The stereotype of an RV owner is also older couples who have retired and want to get out and “see the world.”
Why Are Ground Mats So Important to Have When You Own an RV?
You’ll definitely want to have camper jack pads to help you set up and ground mats so you can stay dry and comfortable even when sitting outside your RV on a nice day. There’s nothing worse than sitting down on a patch of ground that looks dry, but is only dry on the surface. Ground mats ensure that wherever you sit, you’ll have a dry space to sit on! They come in a variety of sizes and are easily portable. They also usually come with a way to stake them to the ground, so you don’t have to worry about strong winds or slipping around. Having ground mats will keep you dry and your RV cleaner. For example, if it’s a muddy day, wiping your feet on the ground mats before you enter the RV will keep you from tracking all that dirt inside and save you time on having to clean. These RV mats will also keep the grass from being ruined wherever you set up your RV, due to their porous nature.
RV mats can also be a fun and colorful addition to your camping adventure, coming in a variety of colors and sizes. You could have a veritable rainbow outside your RV. And not only are they pretty, but they’re also functional — no more worries about people tracking debris in and out of the RV! You’ll want to make sure your RV mat is UV stabilized though, to ensure it doesn’t fall apart after a few uses. Having a UV stabilized mat ensures that it’ll stick around for quite a few camping trips!
These types of mats are also easily cleaned — you can usually just give them a good shaking at the campground, roll them up, and stow them away until the next time. When you get back home, a good squirting with a garden hose should help eliminate any tough dirt or debris that might have gotten stuck during your trip.
If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to travel, consider looking at RVs that might suit your purpose. Be sure to purchase ground mats when you purchase your RV as well and enjoy a dry and clean experience!

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