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Time is always flowing forward but it involves a paradox in how we think. We typically tend to think of everything in our world, all of our standards and habits and practices, as static and unchanging. Things have always been the way they are and nothing has ever been that different than it is now. This idea is a little bit difficult but it’s best exemplified, oddly enough, but how some basic structures are used in movie plots. For instance, in a lot of movies about the past they focus on certain things that, while important to us today, weren’t actually important back then. A movie about Rome might involve a heady and emotional romance but this doesn’t exactly hold up to scrutiny. Ancient Romans actually had very different ideas about what constitutes romance and relationships than what we have today but

Portable Buildings Can Give You Convenience, Other Advantages

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Americans are more mobile than ever before, and that mobility often translates to the more personal aspects of their lives. It’s more likely than ever that someone has gone to school in portable classrooms, lived in a mobile or modular home — they may have even spent a few nights in portable cabins. There are many advantages to portable buildings — and some disadvantages as well.

When a building is portable, it can be moved around, which is a huge advantage. When a school needs a portable classroom, it can have it moved on site and then have it moved away when it no longer needs it. With a mobile home or portable camper, you can have a place to live wherever you go, meaning you don’t need to spend money on lodging.

When a building is portable, it can usually be delivered to the site whe