5 Ways Your Donations Help Everyone

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Pick up clothing donations

There are many types of donations for non profit organizations that can benefit those charities, the people they serve, the environment, and even you! Read on to learn how to make donations for non profit organizations meaningful and useful.

  • Think about how donations of clothing can help others. America donates quite a lot to charity. In 2014, charitable organizations received $358.38 billion. Among those donations for non profit organizations were used clothes and home textiles. Some of these items go directly to those in need. Others are sold to provide revenue for charities that donate food, water, shelter, and

4 Reasons To Donate Your Old Items To Veterans

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Donations that pick up at home

Many times we sift through our old belongings when we are cleaning out our closet or cabinets, and realize that we have many items in good condition that we no longer need. If these items are in good enough shape, they can be donated to someone who needs it more than you, and they will be able to get the item for free or at a very reduced cost. Items that can be donated can be old clothing, kitchen appliances, old suitcases and handbags, and even furniture. You’d be surprised how much of an impact donating old items can have on the environment and on the lives of others.

Here are four reasons why you should consider donating your items today.

1. It helps the planet

If you care about the health and well-being of our planet, you can rest assured knowing that donating old items that

Finding the Ideal Charity Organizations

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Purple heart clothing donation

Are you looking into charity organizations but you don?t really know how to narrow down the options? This can be one of the most frustrating experiences for people, especially Millennials, who are new to donating to causes and charities. Some people get frustrated enough that they don’t even bother to pursue any further with their charitable donation. This can be a tragic cause, and, for this, I have created a guide to help with relieving you of that frustration. Here are some of the main reasons you should donate and the best ways to look for charity organizations in your area.

Decide if You Want to Do Monetary or Charitable Donations First

If you are a person who has an excessive shopping habit, you may find that you’ll be cleaning out your closet more often