3 Tips HR Executive Recruiters Might Give You

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Did you know that 57% of organizations agree that employee retention is a problem? If you?ve been trying to get your office staffed up, you may have come to realize just how competitive the recruitment process is. It?s no surprise, really, that HR executive recruiters are so prolific in many industries.

And indeed, they may be your best option for finding a quality individual for your firm that is not only going to sign on for the job, but stay on board for many years as well. Having a great leader at the helm is important for ensuring employee retention for the company as a whole, after all.

Here?s a few talent acquisition facts regarding HR executive recruiters in 2016 you should keep in mind.

Most Great Employees aren?t Unemployed

No one likes the idea of candidate poaching because it could happen to them in turn. Realistically, though, the top executives are at the top because they?re never out of demand — and that means they?re never out of work. While there are a few exceptions to this (a quick an unexpected move, for example), you?re generally going to be hiring a candidate that is moving right from the helm of another company — and accordingly, might need a few weeks or months before they can get on board.

Professionals Know the Compensation Rates

As executive search consultant expert Mark Wayman detailed in a recent Huffington Post article, executive recruiters spend hours of every day looking at the same types of resumes over and over. They know exactly what someone?s work experience will demand, compensation wise. Wayman explains that one executive was fired while making $275,000 and asked for $350,000 for their new job; Wayman said they were worth $225,000. They declined the offer and, after job searching for another six months, accepted an offer for $225,000. Not only do you want candidates that are realistic about their compensation expectations — you also want HR executive recruiters who can sniff out true value from bravado.

Fitting With Current Company Culture

It?s good to have someone who can come in and shake things up, and bring a fresh perspective. There?s a difference between being refreshing and being shocking, though. If you?re trying to hire a candidate for a fast moving startup, someone who has always worked in more traditional, predictable industries might not be the right fit — even if they have a ton of executive experience. They are going to, even at their most creative, be trying to fit your company to the existing box of expectations they are used to.

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