4 Reasons Clamshell Packaging Is The Best Choice

Clamshell packaging solutions are the best choice for many industries, and clam cases currently protect food items, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and many other items that require not only protection but also tamper evident clamshell packaging for the sake of consumer safety. Of course there is no perfect packaging, and clamshell packaging, like all retail packaging, has its downsides. Despite this, there are many reasons that clamshell packaging solutions are currently the best choice for most applications.

Protection From Excess Waste

Every year nearly 32 million metric tons of plastic waste ends up dumped in places where it doesn’t belong. An enormous amount ends up in our oceans, causing about $13 billion in damage every year. In fact, of the 78 million metric tons of plastic packaging around the world produced collectively in 2013, 40% of it was dumped in landfills and 32% was leaked into the land or sea environment.

Clamshell packaging solutions protect from this kind of waste in two ways. In the first place, thermoformed clamshells can be made to follow the precise contours of the items they protect, meaning there is no wasted space so there is no wasted plastic. In the second place, many types of clamshell packaging solutions are reusable, meaning that consumers needn’t throw away the clamshell once they’ve opened it.

A Clear Window

Another reason that clamshells are the ideal packaging solution for a variety of applications is that they are capable of showcasing a product perfectly, while still protecting it from theft or tampering. This makes them perfect for high-theft items that consumers still need to be able to carefully examine, like memory cards, or for items that need to be protected from tampering, such as food.

Saving Space As Well As Plastic

Custom clamshell packaging doesn’t just save plastic: it also saves space. This has benefits for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and consumers. Conserving space means more warehouse room, lower shipping costs, and easier storage at stores and at home.

Clamshell Packaging is Reusable

Many types of stock clamshell packaging can be reused and even resealed by the consumer. This doesn’t just cut down on waste, but also provides convenience that customers appreciate. A 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study found that only 14% of people believe that brands are actually making an effort to improve packaging to satisfy the needs of customers, so providing safe, user friendly clamshell packaging solutions is one way of showing customers that a brand is considering their needs.

There are a lot of good reasons to consider clamshell packaging for retail packaging needs. The benefits of this type of retail packaging include environmental protection, conservation of space and resources, protection of products and consumers, and the potential to meet customer needs.

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