4 Tips for Safely Working with Galvanized Steel Banding

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Steel is one of the best construction materials around. It is incredibly environmentally friendly. Nearly 88% of the steel used on the planet it recycled. This makes it the most recycled metal on earth, according to the American Iron andamp; Steel Institute. In North America, almost 70% of all steel ends up being recycled. Design companies are finding more ways to do the same jobs with less materials. If the Golden Gate Bridge was built today, only half of the 83,000 tons of steel that were used in the original construction would be needed. Galvanized steel banding is often used in many projects. There are ways to do this in the safest way possible. Here are some tips to make working with them safer.

Be careful about what you wear.

This is not a fashion thing when working with galvanized steel banding, it is a safety issue. When you are putting galvanized steel banding on or when you are taking it off, you need to wear the right clothes. While it looks safe enough when it is under pressure, when that pressure is released, the steel can be transformed into a very dangerous and scary weapon.

You need to cover your hands with sturdy and durable gloves. When working with galvanized steel banding, the best gloves you can wear are made of leather. It does not matter if you are wrapping it around something or removing it from something, gloves are absolutely needed to do both and ensure your safety. Safety edges are always created when any galvanized steel banding is cut but that does not make the banding totally safe. Handling the banding can still be very dangerous. Should the bands tighten quicker than they should or unravel too fast, the banding can cut you.

You should also cover your legs and arms. Most experts recommend people who are working with galvanized steel banding- wear long pants and shirts with long sleeves. If the galvanized steel banding comes loose, it can hurt you. You should also consider wearing some protective shoes to protect your feet if something should happen. Most people who are familiar with this kind of material also recommend that people wear a hard hat and some safety glasses.

Pay attention to who is working around you.

You need to pay attention to the workers around you when you are working with galvanized steel banding. They may not be wearing the same protective clothing as you and there is the same chance they can be hurt by it as you. Take care to let the people around you know you will be working with it. Just seeing you with stainless steel strapping tools may not be enough to alert them to what you are doing.

Cut steel banding safely.

If you are cutting the galvanized steel banding, do it safely. This means using the proper tools. You will need to use a tool that has been designed and manufactured just for cutting steel banding. The tool you use should have a long handle and be able to cut through steel. Some people look at steel banding and use other tools like hammers, crow bars and other tools they have around that have not been designed for steel banding. If you use something like a crimper, you are taking a real chance by using the wrong tool for this job.

Know what is inside the container. The steel banding you are working with may be around a container whose contents are known. If you are unsure of what is inside the container, you need to find out before you start to remove the galvanized steel banding. This will make dealing with removing the banding a lot less stressful and more safe.

Do not be a slob with it.

After you are done removing or working with galvanized steel banding, clean it up. Make sure there is no banding laying about when you are done working with it. It is always possible for people to happen by and step on steel banding that they do not know is there. You will keep everyone more safe by just cleaning it all up when you are done working with it.

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