5 Industries That Benefit from Using Aluminum Metals in All its Forms

Aluminum is a widely used metal after steel and has excellent properties that make it suitable for diverse applications. Aluminum is also available in a range of forms such as aluminum bars, sheets, plates, tubes, and ingots. However, most of us are familiar with aluminum sheets and plates, which are used in the aeronautic, transportation, construction food and beverage industry, and also in making decorative pieces.

Between thin aluminum strips and sheets, sheets find the most use. Here are some of the key industries that benefit from the application of thin metal strips.

Transportation Sector

Aluminum sheets are versatile in transport applications. Primarily, its major use is the manufacturing of automobiles bodies and for paneling. It’s lightweight, strong and lasting properties make it a suitable material for constructing cars, aircraft, ships and trains bodies with much-reduced weight and improved fuel efficiency. In this application, different forms of metal sheets are used from thin aluminum strips to plates to castings and forging in ensuring a quality product.

Medical Industry

Today, the medical industry alongside other key sectors like construction, aerospace, and transportation is taking advantage of aluminum in its application, particularly in making medical devices and equipment. Other combined metals of aluminum allow for more specialization particularly in the manufacture of surgical tools for sterile applications.

Some of the medical instruments and equipment that make use of thin aluminum strips are used for different medical procedures such as craniomaxillofacial, spine, trauma, orthopedic, endoscopic, surgical instruments. Other aluminum instruments include trays, bedpans, and containers. Equipment fabricated from aluminum is known to offer quality and reliable results due to properties like excellent corrosion resistance, formability, and recyclability.


Another key application of metal sheets and strips manufacturing of decorative items. Aluminum alloys, in particular, are combined with other non-metallic materials to create strong and lustrous thin metal strips perfect for jewelry. Other decorative items that can be formed from metal sheets are decorative plates, commemorative plates and plaques that serve as good outdoor decor.

Construction Industry

Sheet metal is a vital component in today’s construction and the housing industry. Primarily, the material is used for roofing to bring out the desired architectural look and functionality. Other roofing products such as rain gutters, sidings, and flashings are also made of thin aluminum strips.

Fire Prevention

Combined metals of aluminum are fabricated to make fire extinguishing materials, thanks to the fire resistance properties of the alloys. Also, sheet metal acts as an excellent insulator and wall cover for more aesthetic appeal.

When using aluminum sheets, the thickness will determine which items will be most suitable. For instance, smaller items can make good use of thinner sheets. Extra-thin aluminum strips also referred to as foil can be used for many other applications including, labeling and packaging. When choosing sheet metals, it’s recommended to consult an expert to advise you on the best type for your specific needs.

While these are the main industries that make good use of thin sheet metal, more applications can be found across different other manufacturing industries, playing a huge role in the economy.

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