9 of the Best Occupations of 2024

If 2024 begins with you searching for a job, you may want to know how to direct your search. Job seeking can be challenging, so knowing how to narrow down your choices can help you look in the right places. Here are some of the jobs that will emerge as good choices for 2024:

1. Work as a Plumber: Fluid Flow Directors

If you are a person with an ability to understand water flow in homes and business facilities, consider a career in plumbing. Plumbers are responsible for constructing, installing, and repairing pipes intended to carry water, gases, and other fluids. Plumbers can assess the job they’re employed for and determine which materials they need to do the job.

Plumbers need to have expertise with the tools they use for their jobs. Some examples of plumbing tools include wrenches, hacksaws, plungers, and pliers. Plumbers are responsible for creating plumbing systems in new homes or home additions. They are also hired to repair bathroom plumbing problems and any other room with fluid flow.

Plumbing careers are one of the unique jobs to consider for 2024. Plumbers can help when there is a need for water removal. For example, if a home is flooded after a flood or hurricane, a plumber could dispose of the excess water properly. According to Indeed, the average hourly pay for a plumber in the U.S. is $28.67.

2. Work as a Shipping Professional: Shipping Container Management

If you enjoy assisting clients in transporting their merchandise, consider working as a shipping professional. A container vessel is a ship built for transporting multiple containers full of client merchandise across large expanses of water. Some of these containers carry perishable materials, so their containers are refrigerated. Careers for those working with steel shipping containers can involve working on deck with the containers, below deck as galley staff, or in the engine room.

The use of shipping containers has increased in size and popularity in the past 20+ years. In 2002, a large container ship could carry 6,500 TEU, while in 2022, a ship could carry 24,000 TEU. (A TEU is a twenty-foot equivalent measurement unit.) Being able to work with them is one of the unique jobs to consider if you don’t mind being confined to a ship and remaining at sea for several months at a time.

To work in the shipping container industry, you must be physically fit. Some of the duties require you to lift heavy objects and do other strenuous tasks. When you join the crew of a container ship, you will be designated as an ordinary seaman, a wiper, or a utility steward. According to Zip Recruiter, the average annual U.S. salary for an ordinary seaman on a container ship is $72 143.

3. Work as an Auto Salesman – Cash in With Cars

People need cars to get around, and you can make good money selling those cars to them. To be a car salesperson, you don’t need a college degree. The essential requirement is to be a high school graduate with a driver’s license and good people skills. Obtaining a job may be easier if you know someone at the dealership.

When you get a job as an auto salesperson, you will be trained on the job. You will learn about the cars they sell at the dealership and be trained in sales techniques. According to the News Wheel, an average car salesman is expected to sell between 8 and 12 cars per week. Once trained, your workdays will be filled by following up on prospective car buyers’ leads or talking with walk-in customers.

Personality characteristics that will be helpful for auto sales include a drive for success and an ability to be patient. It takes patience to go on many test drives when so few people buy a car. A car salesman works on commission, so their annual salary varies. However, according to Jason Lancaster of Accurate Auto Advice, an average auto salesman makes $40,000 annually.

4. Work as a Motorcycle Salesman – Selling Freedom on Wheels

Some people prefer traveling by motorcycle rather than car. Motorcycle riders look for different qualities in a salesperson than auto drivers. Motorcycle salespeople understand the lure and language of motorcycle culture. The personal characteristics of a motorcycle salesperson are essentially the same as those of an auto salesman.

Many people prefer motorcycles to cars because they cost less. When you need a reliable way to get around town, the lower price tag of a motorcycle is a big incentive. Motorcycles also have better gas mileage and performance than cars. According to Crossroad Powersports, motorcycles are also friendlier to the environment.

According to Zip Recruiter, the average annual salary of a motorcycle salesperson is about $20 per hour. One famous company that sells motorcycles is Kawasaki. According to bikepics, Kawasaki cycles are known for quick acceleration and top handling capabilities. Working with Kawasaki dealers is one of many unique jobs to consider that could allow you to do something you can be proud of.

5. Work as a Lawyer – Advocate for Clients

Most people involved with presenting their cases in court will hire a lawyer to guide them with their cases. Lawyers are responsible for assisting clients on both sides of legal cases and speaking for them in court. Lawyers bring cases to courts at every level of the government. Lawyers may work in solo practices, partnerships, and in firms of all sizes.

To become a lawyer, a person must first get a bachelor’s degree and then go to law school. After law school, new lawyers can decide if they want to specialize in a specific type of law or work with a team of lawyers who handle various cases. If a client is looking for a lawyer, it will be up to them whether they prefer a generalist or a specialist. Lawyers of both categories will gain experience with the judges and other lawyers in the area during their encounters in court.

A specialty that has shown steady interest is estate planning. Because of the increase in mortality caused by COVID-19, younger clients are now more interested in making plans for their estates. Estate law may be one of the unique jobs to consider for those with mathematical talents and the desire to help people. According to Zip Recruiter, the average U.S. salary for an estate planning lawyer is $116, 774.

6. Work as a Builder – Constructing Homes and Offices

Many names, including contractors, carpenters, and builders, are used to describe construction workers. At the most basic level, they are people with building skills. If you can perform construction tasks and enjoy knowing you are responsible for creating homes or offices, you may want to work as a builder. Although these jobs take considerable skill, they do not typically require a college degree.

Some contractors build according to a specific plan, because the homes they make will be in a planned development. If a client wants a custom home build, they must either present a blueprint of his own or hire an architect to create one. Some workers on the construction crew will specialize in a specific task like roofing, siding, or insulation. Others will become generalists on the crew – and keep themselves available to perform any task needed during building construction.

Today’s construction crews find themselves with more frequent requests for building features that are more sustainable. One of the unique jobs to consider which has emerged due to the rise of technology, is the installation of the sensors needed to create smart homes. These positions will likely continue in the future due to a continued interest in sustainability. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a builder or contractor is between $49,000 – $82,000.

7. Work as a Private School Teacher – Provide Elite Education

If you want to help the next generation learn enough to survive as adults, consider becoming a teacher. Teachers for people of all ages must obtain a high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree. If you prefer a higher salary or a more affluent group of students, you should consider working as a private school teacher. Teachers who enjoy working with the youngest children could work in private elementary schools.

Teachers desiring to work in 5th through 9th grades can decide to become private middle school teachers. These students have a significant need for direction towards socialization and to learn to adjust to the differences between childhood and adolescence. Some teachers at these levels or higher go on to get advanced degrees, but this isn’t necessary unless you want to advance to working in administration.

Local private high schools need teachers to help teens prepare for adulthood. By the time students reach high school, their educational capacities have been discovered, and their parents may want to find private schools that target their children’s talents or deficits. For example, one of the modern unique jobs to consider would be to teach at a high school that only admits students on the autism spectrum. According to Salary.com, the average U.S. annual salary for a private school teacher is between $39,000 and $82,000.

8. Work as a Day Care Worker – Teach and Care for Children

Children who still need to be ready for elementary school are frequently sent by their parents to a daycare center. Some parents do this to give their children an academic advantage for later school years. Other parents must use a daycare center because they work and have no other childcare. If you enjoy working with young children and can use your imagination to provide preschool education for them, this may be a job you should consider.

If you’re considering this job, you should be aware that you might take several types of positions. Working as a childcare assistant is usually entry-level at these facilities and requires no more than a high school diploma and a background check. You would need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education for management or director jobs. Some facilities require directors to have – or be working toward – a master’s degree.

Many people still consider daycare workers to be glorified babysitters. However, in most of today’s daycare centers, you’ll find the position one of the more unique jobs to consider. In a modern daycare center, a day would include a story with a dance lesson (which combines physical activity with creative expression) and end with the children doing an art project that shows one of the concepts of the story. According to Indeed, the average U.S. salary for daycare workers ranges from $29,000 to $32,000.

9. Working as a Cybersecurity Adviser – Protect the Company’s Data

Cybersecurity is a relatively new field, one of many unique jobs to consider. With the increase in technology in almost every field, there has also been an unfortunate rise in online criminal activity. Cyberattacks can steal information, distort company information, or steal funds from your company. Cybersecurity workers are entrusted with protecting the computers and data of a company that hires them.

Cybersecurity workers may work on systems for the national government, called critical infrastructure. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security protects this level of security. The next level of cybersecurity is referred to as network security, and it exists to protect systems from incoming attacks. Endpoint security is protection at the level of computers and smartphones.

Cybersecurity also protects apps that are used by the company’s computers, as well as personal and corporate cloud data. To work in cybersecurity, you would need a minimum of an associate degree in computer technology, although some jobs may require a higher degree. According to Glassdoor, the annual U.S. salary for a cybersecurity worker is $94,000 to $160,000.

It’s important to love your job, so finding one that resonates with you is the most crucial consideration. According to Money Magazine, most jobs that will increase in demand in 2024 will be in the healthcare sector. Whether you choose one of the professions above or seek your path, remember to get the training you need and always look for opportunities to come your way. We all have untapped potential – here’s hoping yours will pay off with a great job this year.

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