A Look At The Many Benefits Of Modular Construction

From modular warehouse offices to modular in-plant offices, there are many ways in which modular construction, both permanent and relocatable (the two main types), are becoming prevalent in our world as we know it. In fact, the vast majority of engineers – up to ninety percent of them – have already applied modular construction methods in some way, shape or form. The same is true of contractors (eighty four percent of them) and architects (seventy six percent of them). From modular warehouse offices to the use of a prefabricated office wall as part of a warehouse partitioning system, there is no shortage of modular construction in the United States and all around the world – and it is only anticipated to grow in the years to come.

And modular construction has so many other applications aside from modular warehouse offices. In fact, modular construction methods are very frequently used for the building of healthcare facilities (which make up as much as forty nine percent of all modular building projects) and dorm buildings and other such college buildings (which make up around forty two percent of all modular construction endeavors as seen here in the United States). Another forty two percent of modular building applications will also go towards the creations of manufacturing buildings, which are also highly needed and utilized all throughout the United States.

But why has modular construction as seen in modular warehouse offices and many other real life applications become so popular? The answer is a long one, as modular construction methods have many benefits. For one thing, modular construction as seen in the construction of modular warehouse offices is typically incredibly cost effective. The data more than backs this up, showing that costs of a modular building project are up to twenty percent less than a construction site that uses traditional construction methods – and a cost reduction of no less than nine percent is typically seen across the board.

Modular construction, in addition to saving money, can also save a great deal of time. In fact, modular construction involves a lot of factory construction as opposed to on site construction, with up to ninety percent of the construction process actually taking place at a factory site instead of at the final site for the project, leaving really only the final assembly to take place on site. Because of this, the process of building can be sped up significantly, and modular construction projects can even be completed in the span of just a few weeks. In comparison, the typical construction project that utilizes traditional construction methods will take up to six months – if not even longer – before finally being fully completed.

Finally, modular construction as is seen in the construction of modular warehouse offices in the United States and all around the world is hugely environmentally friendly as well. Unfortunately, traditional methods of construction are not, as they generate a great deal of waste products over the course of construction. Fortunately, modular construction methods tend not to use common construction supplies like cement, bricks, concrete, timber, wood pallets, and shrink wrap – among many others – so total waste produced can be reduced by as much as ninety percent, a truly impressive number by just about any means, especially on the larger construction projects out there.

On top of this, these methods of modular construction as used for the construction of modular warehouse offices will actually reduce overall energy consumption as well, often by as much as sixty seven percent. Anyone who uses the modular building will also find that their overall energy costs are reduced as well, making it not only efficient to build but efficient to live in and use over the course of time as well.

All in all, there are a truly wide array of benefits to building using modular construction methods. These benefits range considerably, from saving time to saving money to saving construction supplies and energy and encompass many things that people care about. It’s no surprise that modular construction methods are becoming more popular not only here in the United States but in many other places of the world as well.

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