Advantages of a Portable Scanner

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The best way for a business to back up receipts, business cards, paperwork, and important documents is by using a digital filing system. Storing and managing documents is achieved by using a portable scanner or a business card reader. Laptop scanners and portable scanners can be easily found online. Research shows the average business making around 19 copies of each document, and around 20 dollars in labor is spent printing and filing documents. Furthermore, around 120 dollars is spent in labor searching for documents that are misfiled or lost. A significant amount of hours are lost recreating documents that are misfiled or lost.

A portable scanner comes with software that allows business owners to convert documents into various file types in order to be compatible with several software products. Around 12,000 pieces of paper can be held in a four drawer filing cabinet. There is no limit with how many documents can be stored digitally. Cloud computing is also effecting the way businesses store files as well. It’s estimated that by 2014, small businesses will spend 100 billion dollars on cloud computing. Another advantage of a digital filing system is the ability to access documents anywhere a person has connection to the internet or a business’s network.

Most people don’t realize the electronic files are actually safer than physical files when stored on the cloud. Files stored on the cloud are not susceptible to flood, fire, and thefts like physical files are. A portable scanner combined with the cloud networks is producing convenient options for businesses that deal with a significant amount of files. Saving paper is considered beneficial to the environment, and a portable scanner can be used to help a company reduce the amount of paper they use throughout the year. More information about portable scanners is available on various websites on the web.

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