Are You Interested in a Career Running an Auto Collision Shop

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run an auto collision shop? This Just The Job video takes you behind the scenes at an auto collision shop. As long as there are vehicle accidents there will be a need for auto collision repair.

Auto collision repair requires a set of fine-tuned skills. Every project begins with an accurate assessment of the damage, and an estimate of what it will take to restore the vehicle to like-new condition.

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This career field uses a lot of technology while it still heavily depends on well-developed craftsmanship. This video takes you through the process of pricing out jobs and reviews what it takes to get into the industry. To become an expert in this field technicians need both formal training and an apprenticeship. You can watch as a bumper is replaced on a newer model car by an apprentice and the stages of the repair.

This video is chockfull of information that anyone interested in an auto collision career can use to their advantage. Watch the video and get an inside view of the workings of an auto collision shop to learn if this is the career move for you.


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