Are You Missing Out On Business Because of Your Signage?

What message does your business signage send about your business? Does your signage attract new customers? Get them interested in your business? New attractive GSA LED sign design can ensure your business signage is sending out the right message.

Statistically speaking, business signs are a powerful tool. An attention getting GSA LED sign design can draw customers right to your door.

The Power of a Sign

About 35% of consumers polled responded that they would not have noticed a business if it had not been for the signage. Another 68% of consumers admitted that they frequently make their shopping decisions while driving by a business. The right GSA LED sign design can get the attention of those shoppers passing by.

The fact is signage has always been and continues to be a powerful marketing tool. It provides consumers with information that they need to make shopping decisions. It also draws the eye and makes a lasting impression.

A recent study found that about 74% of consumers can recall signage that they saw as they walked or drove past a shop. Signage can be an easy way to help consumers to recall your business. Did you know that the ROI that you can get from the right sign can be compared to running 24 full-page newspaper ads in a year?

There is no doubt that the right signage is a powerful marketing and branding tool for your business. If you do not have a state-of-the-art GSA LED sign design for your business you are missing out.

Its An Affordable Passive Marketing Tool

GSA LED sign design is a great investment for any business. LED lighting is low-energy lighting that is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. This signage can be customized easily and costs pennies on the dollar to operate.

Of course, the fact that the signage works hard for your business without you having to do a thing is also a great reason to consider investing in some new business signs for sale. GSA signs take the work out of attracting new customers, sharing information, and getting your business the attention that it deserves.

A business without the right GSA LED sign design is a business that is sending potential customers to their competitors with the right signage. Learn more about how modern signage can improve your business.

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