Best Practices for Comparator Drug Supply

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Clinical trials are extremely important in the medical field in order to develop new, more effective treatments for existing conditions. During a clinical trial, there is an active control (comparator drug) and/or a placebo, that are administered comparatively with the experimental drug. However, comparator drug sourcing is difficult when trials take place in remote areas without direct access to the pharmaceutical supply chains.

With high pressure from patients and payers to create and market better drugs, comparator sourcing can become a hassle. One of the biggest problems that comes with drug sourcing is that companies find that the cost of comparator drug sourcing is extremely high. In order to leverage the costs, the company must be more strategic about their sourcing.

Companies should assess their options for drug sourcing during protocol strategy, before the clinical trial begins. By planning ahead, the analytical and research services team is able to troubleshoot for possible problems, and plan ahead to ensure that there are other options.

During the planning process, it?s critical to identify details about the clinical study. What country is it taking place in? How many subjects are there and how many testing sites? What is the highest volume of the comparator drug that is accessible at one time? These things are important to know to predict supply and demand patterns.

Approach the strategy with a “big picture” outlook. The goal is to manage the clinical trial material supply from day one to the trial’s conclusion. Selecting one partner is wise, in order to minimize discrepancies. When multiple hands are in the pot, supplies and messages tend to be lost. By choosing a single, experienced partner, you can rest easy knowing that they know that they’re doing, limit financial risks, and reduce the possibility of receiving counterfeit drugs. If a partner receives materials from a wholesale supplier, the prices of the drugs will reflect more favorably.

Your supply partner should be well-integrated in the pharmaceutical industry and be able to provide references as well as a record of results. They should have the capabilities and capacities to supply to wherever you plan to perform the trial, with chain points locally or in central points. An unmatched geographic footprint with the capabilities and capacity for central and local sourcing, regulatory support and transportation management in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, as well as the United States and European Union;

Thorough planning, a extensive protocol analysis, strategic thinking and a reputable supply partner should make comparator drug supply for clinical trials lest frustrating and more economical.

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