Businesses, Pay Attention This Simple Installation Can Prevent Up To 70% Of Burglaries

Top notch security system

Your business means a lot to you. What would you do to keep it safe?

Video surveillance cameras are a necessary tool in combating burglaries and shoplifting. Business security solutions come in many different shapes and sizes (indeed, you should try to use as many as possible), but the benefit of a camera is being able to catch the perpetrator and bring them to justice. A mere one out of every seven businesses has an alarm system in place, meaning the majority of small and large businesses alike are at a very high risk of seeing disappearing stock.

An alarm system will provide you many benefits throughout the year, from reducing inventory shrink to saving you money.

Did You Know?

Theft is on the rise and businesses are cracking down on better ways of protecting their investments. Law enforcement will respond to nearly 40 million alarm activations every single year. Although up to 95% are false, that still leaves a notable 5% of burglaries and property damage to contend with. Theft can happen at any time, though some parts of the year have higher rates than others. Christmas and New Years still have the highest recorded amount of break-ins than any other time. You can, however, change this for the better.

Reduce Inventory Shrink

A frustrating issue many businesses struggle with is that of inventory shrink. This is a phenomenon in which inventory loss happens suddenly and constantly, whittling away at a business’s monthly figures and putting it behind financially. It’s thought as much as 85% of inventory shrink is attributed to shoplifting, though a significant chunk also comes from employee hands. Business security solutions need to be just as vigilant as protecting from inside issues as outside issues.

Prevent Future Break-Ins

You can even prevent future burglaries with the aid of visible video surveillance systems. Studies have shown as many as 65% of burglaries can be outright avoided with the installation of automated systems due to their deterrent nature. An illuminating study explored this further with convicted burglars. Over 80% of offenders admitting they would first determine whether or not an alarm was present before attempting a burglary. Video surveillance cameras are put in obvious locations, such as by the door or in the corner of the store.

Save On Money

Inventory shrink may not seem like much day by day, but it adds up. Video surveillance systems will reduce the amount of damage control you have to contend with and save money on replacement windows, lost product and safety protocol. The Global Retail Theft Barometer was recently published by the Center For Retail Research, concluding that North American retailers lose an astonishing $45 billion worth of inventory shrink per year. Add that up alongside property damage and failed break-ins and you have yet more reasons to seek out a quality commercial security system.

Installing A Security System

Business alarm systems are specifically designed to protect your brand and keep your attention where it needs to be — running your business to the best of your ability. Even the most impulsive and unplanned burglaries will see up to 50% of intruders discontinuing their efforts if they discovered an alarm, making commercial security systems an investment you can’t miss. The majority of alarm systems are designed with a built-in delay, giving your business a few minutes or more before contacting your monitoring company for help. This is helpful in light of simple accidents, such as failing to turn off an alarm during a repair session.

Theft doesn’t wait for a good day. Prepare yourself for the holiday season and beyond with video surveillance cameras.

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