Can You Read the Sign?

Libertyville signs

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas. That is what the landmark sign, erected in 1959, reads. I love signs. I it is a peculiar thing to love. But every sign has a story. The Hollywood Sign. Block white letters. Famous tourist attraction. Originally read Hollywoodland, temporarily advertising a new housing community.

Signage can provide information, direction, identification or are safety or regulatory based. Signs changed after WWII when plastics became more affordable and available. Once plastics were used it became easy to create unique signage and mass produce it.

Instead of hanging, monument style signs are mounted in the ground. We frequently see those at funeral homes, corporate headquarters and strip malls. When visiting my home town I love driving by my old high school sign. When driving home from a long vacation, I get excited when freeway signs announce its closeness in mileage. Seriously, I love signs.

So what if I want to have a sign made? Grayslake signs, Gurnee signs, Vernon Hills signs, and Mundelein signs are all super cute. The businesses there must have really good taste. Or really good sign makers. Mundelein signs are my favorite. Mundelein signs really make it feel like a charming old world village. I might take a photographic journey through Mundelein signs and make a book or calendar completely out of Mundelein signs. The local schools or government could sell my Mundelein sign postcards as a fundraiser. Or maybe the Mundelein tourist board could just hire me to do an infomercial entirely based on Mundelein signs. I would totally do it.

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