Cartons, Pouches And Seals The Benefits Of Carded Blister Packaging Design

Blister packaging designs

Blister packaging has gone through some major renovations over the past few years. With populations becoming more demanding and medical care continuing to revolutionize care and efficiency, it’s only natural for carded blister packaging to take precedence. Blister packaging designs take on a wealth of different forms and are updated year after year, created with the express purpose of cultivating convenience without circumventing care.

How Long Has Blister Packaging Been Around?

Blister packaging is one of the most necessary components of the modern industry, allowing countless items to be safely packaged, stored, transported and distributed nationwide and worldwide. Over the years engineers have gone to great lengths to reduce the amount of material used in the average packaging formula without sacrificing safety and quality. Carded blister packaging needs to straddle the line between effective and easy, as going too far in either direction can put both customer and business at risk.

What Is Blister Packaging Used For?

The most significant aspect of blister packaging is the cavity, or pocket, made by a formable web. This keeps the product safe and unlikely to be damaged during transportation processes. Blister packaging with either PVC or foil combinations allow for thick, durable packaging of nearly any product you can imagine. Common items include, but aren’t limited to, food, medication, liquids and objects.

What Types Of Carded Blister Packaging Are There?

There are several different types of blister packaging out there, all the better to encourage the best blister packaging techniques for small and large businesses. Liquid products, for starters, are often packaged in products called pouches or sachets — these have easy-to-tear openings to encourage quick consumption and disposal. Bottle packaging provides a large array of cap options, including child-proof, snap off and twist off. Last, but not least, childsafe seals and strip seals are commonly used.

What Are Commonly Used Items?

Medication is one of the most popular uses for carded blister packaging out there. Cartoning, in particular, is widely spread for its accurately labeled vials, product information and instructions. There are many different ways to customize and create carded blister packaging, be it through color, container options or style. Auto injector pens, sterilized bottles and pouches are also much preferred by pharmacists and doctors. As you can imagine, a lot needs to be done in a short amount of time.

What Does The Future Hold?

The United States is only going to see an increase in demand for blister packaging companies and the services they provide. Studies have shown nearly three-quarters of medical visits involving drug therapy and half of all Americans have used at least one prescription drug in the past month or so. Back in 2010 doctors and pharmacies both ordered and provided two billion prescription drugs either during or after visits with patients. With more and more people ordering their necessary medication or food online, medical packaging design is proving to be one of the greatest human engineering feats around.

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