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  • How Donating To Purple Heart Can Help Your Community And Environment This Year

    What do you do to help your community? Are you the kind of person who helps neighbors go on trash runs on notoriously dirty highways? How about offering food to shelters around the holiday season? There are a million ways to help out your fellow man at any given time of the year, but one […]

  • What Are You Doing to Help Your Community?

    It has finally quit raining, the sun is shining, and the neighborhood garage sales are in full swing. The fact that the last three weekends have been wet and cloudy probably adds to the excitement for this warmer and drier weekend. No matter how successful a garage sale is, however, there are almost always left […]

  • Doing Your Part to Save the World

    Though many people may not think about it too often, so many of our actions or inactions can have some sort of impact on someone else, whether positive or negative. By becoming more conscious of these impacts, we can start to shape the world into a better place with a more promising future for everyone. […]