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Though many people may not think about it too often, so many of our actions or inactions can have some sort of impact on someone else, whether positive or negative. By becoming more conscious of these impacts, we can start to shape the world into a better place with a more promising future for everyone. There are plenty of things that we can do to become more involved on a deeper level to make the world a better place, but many people might need to start out with simple actions that can be incorporated into their everyday lives. And this is the perfect time to act if you have been wondering about when to donate clothes that you do not wear anymore.

When to donate clothes

It is very easy to develop habits that are quite similar to hoarding. Sometimes it comes down to a sentimental attachment to a t-shirt or hanging on to a dress or jacket in which you created one of your most cherished memories. Or maybe you are hanging on to some articles of clothing in the hopes of being able to fit into it again. But the truth of the matter is that there are mounds of clothing in your home that are doing nothing more than simply sitting there and taking up space.

Take pictures for the memories and box up the garments you don’t wear. Yes, you are completely capable of fitting into those other articles of clothing again, but for right now, it is time to let go. You can reward yourself for reaching the size you want by buying something new. Right now it is time to clean out the closet and realize that your question of when to donate clothes can be answered with the old adage “no time like the present.”

Knowing when to donate clothes is an important first step

Now that you have confirmed that now is the time to donate those unused clothes, you can get to work cleaning out your closet and helping families in need. Used clothing donations are vital in helping those who struggle financially to catch a bit of a break. Whether those donations are going directly to those in need, or they are being sold for prices significantly lower than they would be sold in retail stores, those donations are making their way to those who can truly benefit from them. There are organizations that offer pick-up services for your donations, but there are also numerous clothing drop off locations for your convenience as well.

Making a difference in more ways than one
One of the most important factors of your decision to donate is the difference that you will be making in another person’s life. It may not seem like such a big deal to get rid of that coat you haven’t worn since you bought your recent one, but there are people who do not have the money to afford sufficient cold weather gear, which only compounds their difficult situation, possibly leading to sicknesses that they catch from the cold conditions, and then they are facing medical bills as well that they cannot take care of. Such a small gesture on your part could really change someone’s life.

And on an even grander scale, you could have a hand in helping to save the entire planet. The landfills across the globe are filling and overflowing, clogging once-healthy habitats and resources. People across the United States alone end up sending 10.5 million tons of textiles such as clothing to these landfills each and every single year. But armed with the knowledge that just about 100% of household textiles have the potential to be recycled, no matter their condition, we can make a dent in those numbers. In fact in just one year, people buying used clothes kept 2.5 billion pounds of textiles out of the landfills.

Cleaning out your closet could have effects reaching further than you ever imagined! Donate those clothes you never wear, and start making an impact on your world.
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