Choose High Security Paper Shredders for Utmost Data Protection

Heavy duty industrial shredder Heavy duty shredder M-11t

Identity theft continues to pose challenges to the public and that is why is particularly important to protect your personal data from breach, fraud, or abuse. Extra measures may seem paranoid but that’s what it takes to keep your identity and data safe. All personal information are important but some are more vital and confidential than others. Documents that contain sensitive information such as full names and addresses are not that sensitive compared to a document that has your Social Security Number on it. Between the two documents, you probably want to first get rid of the latter than the former.

High security shredders are designed to ‘chew’ confidential documents completely beyond recognition, making them difficult for anyone to reassemble. But what are the differences in commercial paper shredders, and what makes some shredders suitable than others? Perhaps you assume that the larger the shredder the more secure it is than small versions, but this might be far from the truth. In reality, what makes shredders secure than others is the cut style. That is one secret you should keep in mind when choosing a paper shredder for home or office use.

Essentially, shredders come in varying cutting styles and sizes. For secure shredding, choose a shredder that cuts documents into small pieces of papers instead of long-strips, which are relatively easy to assemble. Shredder security levels range from P-1 to P-7 maximum security; P-4 is considered the minimum security level for confidential data but it does not perform best as high security paper shredders.

High security paper shredders have micro cuts of between P-5 and P-7. Others deliver super micro-cuts making them suitable for some large-scale industrial shredding needs in government entities, banks, and law firms. However, people now are using it at home. Top-tier paper shredders are handles classified government documents and information, and their shredding capacity turns paper to dust.

If you’re concerned about your personal data, sensitive business records or classified state information, consider investing in high security paper shredders with security level of P-5 or more. This guarantees absolute data protection from fraudsters and online scammers.

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