Clues Your Water Isn’t Safe for Consumption

Fresh water test kit

We all count on water for our survival, but the majority of Earth’s water is polluted and not safe for consumption. So how do you know if your water is clean enough to drink? Here we explain the different methods of water quality analysis to follow to ensure what you are drinking is fresh.

Use an in home fresh water test kit

When using this test kit, it is important to understand exactly what you will be searching for. There are so many different details around the water’s composition that will enhance or ruin its flavor — such as its pH, the levels of lead, amount of pesticides, the concentration of bacteria, if the water is hard or not, or if there is chlorine. These water testing kits will usually have one long piece of paper with different pieces of foam, and then when you dip it into water, they will change colors. You then will match these colors to a chart provided to see what needs to be fixed in your system.

Use your sense of smell

Simply put, clean water doesn’t have a smell. So if you smell anything out of the ordinary, do not drink it! Here are two of the most common smells to be alert for:

  • Rotten eggs. This foul odor means that there is a lot of bacteria in your water. However, this smell doesn’t come through immediately, so the best way to test this is to pour a glass of water and then let it stand for five minutes. If the water doesn’t smell, then the bacteria has dissipated but you still need a new water filter. but if it stays around, your pipes most likely need to be checked out, so please call your town.
  • Bleach. This would be a clue that your municipal authorities have added a lot of chlorine into the water to make it safe. Usually this is not harmful, but you can invest in a water filter to get rid of the smell.

If you are worried your water isn’t safe for consumption, make sure to invest in water quality kits. These water quality analysis methods will allow you peace of mind that your water is safe to drink! Read more about this topic at this link.

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