Commercial Warehouses Are Holding a Lot of Potential

When it comes to storage space, nothing can really hold a candle to leasing a warehouse. Yet for a while businesses didn’t seem very interested in investing in them. That’s no longer the case with the rise of e-commerce and online shopping. That means that if you’re in the warehousing and distribution industries, this is a busy time on both the local and global levels.

The warehouse industry has been growing exponentially with warehouse space increasing by more than 86% since the early 2000s. Currently, an estimated 170,000 Americans currently work in the storage and warehouse leasing industry. This is, of course, partly influenced by the rise of technology and e-commerce, which is only expected to grow more and more over the next several years. With more businesses needing more ways to get their products out to various locations, they all had to find manufacturing warehouse space not to mention distribution warehouse space as well. This makes creating and shipping products that much easier for a variety of businesses. And with popular online sites like Amazon offering same-day or next-day delivery, it only makes sense to have warehouses in various locations across the United States. Everyone else is working to compete with that, and that gives warehouse owners and distributors a lot of market value right now.

There are even specific businesses benefitting from this change. Manufacturing warehouse spaces have been on the rise, but what about those that are needed for a specific purpose? For example, cold storage or perishables. Grocery stores obviously need this as a storage option, but there is a global market to factor in as well. The online grocery industry is still making a name for itself, but there’s a large market when it comes to storing their produce as well.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that warehouses are solely for online businesses now. They can sell and lease with whoever they want. It’s just becoming a more profitable industry because online stores are getting into the game and have to compete at the same level as physical stores while trying to offer more at the same time. Getting warehouse space is just the first step to making that happen.

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