Completing an E-Commerce Fulfillment

In the business industry, online shopping is an ever-growing market, but many don’t think about what the process entails that gets the products from your virtual shopping cart to your doorstep. This video explains the behind-the-scenes of e-commerce fulfillment.

This process starts when a customer clicks that “buy now” button. This information is instantly transported to the dealer’s order management system.

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Once this information is processed, it heads over to the warehouse management system, where it examines the location of the item in the warehouse, shipping needs, and packing specifications.

Next, this information is sent to the warehouse where the pick staff goes into the inventory and gets the items for the order before sending it to the packing station. At this station, a packing employee places the order into the box, including any additional services such as gift wrapping, and double-checks the accuracy of the order.

The order is then sent to the shipping dock, which at some companies, gets checked again to make sure the clients get the best-optimized shipping rates available. Finally, the package is put into the shipping truck and delivered to the customer’s door. Watch the video to find out more about the process behind e-commerce fulfillment.


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