Do You Have Your Homecoming Plans Ready for the Big Weekend?

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Homecoming season has arrived, and on both college campuses and high schools across the country their are students who are planning to make these events as special as possible. From reserving a limousine service to getting reservations at the best restaurants, there are a number of plans that can help you make sure that this year’s Homecoming is the best one so far.

Group car transport is increasingly popular in a time when more and more people are concerned about safe travel to and from special events. From weddings to a girls night out on the town, it is important that you find a way to celebrate, but be safe at the same time.

Limousine Service Companies Offer a Variety of Services to a Variety of Individuals and Groups

With the use of limousine rentals to and from the airport, business travelers can avoid the hassle of renting a car and the randomness of hailing a taxi. For couples and groups who are getting ready to celebrate a big event, for instance, it is important to reserve a limo service to make sure that you get to and from parties and dances safely.

Consider some of these facts and figures about professional limousine companies and the services that they offer:

  • 40% of total limousine service business on weekends is for weddings, proms, and parties.
  • 85% of limousine companies have websites, and more than 50% of these companies allow customers to make reservations online .
  • Fleets and small companies are the two main types of limo operators. Fleets typically market to corporate clientele, while small companies do business with local leisure clients.
  • After assessing a flat fee, it is important to know that the average limousine service or car service also charges between 50% and 100% for overtime rides.
  • In addition, the average limousine or car service charges between $15 and $30 for each additional stop.
  • $6 billion is the amount of the yearly revenue of the limousine and town car services industry.

Finding a safe way to get to and from a celebratory event is an important part of making sure that you enjoy yourself, whether it is at a high school or college Homecoming or a wedding.

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