Do You Know What Your Shop Is Missing?

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When you are looking for a new establishment to frequent, whether a restaurant or hair salon, how helpful is your GPS? If you are relying on a word-of-mouth recommendation, your instructions will likely include landmarks, such as “It is in the same shopping center as the gas station,” or “Just look for the big sign.” For the direction-impaired, a big custom printed banner in front of the establishment you are looking for is incredibly helpful. Banners can be a great way for a business to increase business.

People cannot help but read the banner signs that line their way to and from work. It helps pass the time, and who can resist glancing at a flashy sign? Usually, it is better for a business to not be annoying with their advertising. But for businesses that rely on at least some foot traffic to keep their business afloat, a custom printed banner proudly proclaiming their wares or services can help. After all, about 50% of customers admit that they went to a specific business because of the sign on the premises.

An outdoor business signage can do more than carry the business name. Some of the best banners give curious pedestrians more information about the services or products offered. For example, some businesses chose a name that does not quite describe what they can do for their customers. A custom printed banner can easily list a few services, thereby providing necessary information for the many people who see the sign each day. One study showed that people who take a designated route still look twice a day at the same signs on their way. So if a driver sees the same sign 60 times in one month, they are more likely to go to that location if they know what the business is selling.

It would be a terrible shame to put so much time and effort (blood and tears, really) into your own business or franchise, and have trouble building your customer base. There are ways to combat this, whether through coupons, online marketing, or a simple custom printed banner. Choose what works for your business. But do remember, sometimes the simplest ways work best.

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