Get on the Road When You Buy Used Storage Containers To Use as Portable Office Space

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Are you a small business that does most of its work remotely? Have you been thinking that it might be nice to have a pop-up office or an office that you could easily transport to a new location? There’s good news for you if so! Mobile offices are becoming more and more popular, coming in a range of sizes and shapes. You can buy used storage containers and transform them into anything from a container pop up shop to a mobile office. With the concept of the workplace changing as telecommuting increases and advances in technology let us connect to others in a greater variety of ways than before, mobile offices might become even more prevalent in the next few years, especially for businesses with only a few employees or offices that are always on the go. A mobile office is nice to have for the convenience — having a “home base” with WiFi, a printer, and other office amenities is certainly nice.
Wait, So You Mentioned a Shipping Container?
If you were surprised by the mention of going to buy used storage containers, don’t be! Used steel storage containers for sale are becoming quite popular as spaces to set up portable offices in. They’re durable and easy to modify. Companies who renovate these storage containers can add doors, windows, locks, shelves, install climate control measures, repaint, and make it look quite cozy.
There’s no shortage of storage containers to purchase, since shipping accounts for about 90% of global trade. There about 20 million containers in circulation globally and around 11 million shipping containers are lying unused. These could be converted into homes, mobile offices, and so much more! The container market also shows no sign of slacking off — it’s supposed to increase by around 5% between 2014 and 2017.
Why Should I Want to Buy Used Storage Containers for a Mobile Office?
For one thing, storage containers are incredibly durable. Container Auction reports that if they’re properly taken care of and well maintained, they can last for up to 20 years, which is pretty good for a temporary and mobile office. At some point, your business will no longer need (or want to be) mobile, but 20 years gives you a good jumping off place to establish yourself.
A steel cargo container that’s repurposed also offers a great recycling opportunity. For each shipping container that’s repurposed, around 3,500 kg of steel are reused. We also save bricks, mortar, wood, and other building materials by not erecting a new office, but simply using the resources already available to us.
Why Should I Consider a Portable Office in the First Place?
If you’re a small business on the move, one that relies on being near your customers, a portable office can be just the thing you need. Packing up and moving locations suddenly became much less expensive, and you also don’t have to worry about finding a new location to work if you have to move.
Another perk is that when you buy used storage containers to use as a portable office, you’re not subject to a landlord’s whim or restrictions, nor do you have to adhere to a lease or rent period. You have total freedom to change the appearance or amenities of your office and don’t have to worry about getting evicted, if the landlord sells the building or increases rent. There are also plenty of shapes and sizes that storage containers come in, so you can adjust as your company changes as well.
Your mobile office also affords you the luxury of having as much space to stretch out in as you need. Given that the average workstation has gone from 80 square feet to 39 square feet (from 1992 to now), that’s not guaranteed!
Don’t be afraid to invest in a portable office and explore your options. There’s plenty of demand for used steel cargo containers and you could be at the forefront of a new workplace revolution! You have much greater freedom, flexibility, and lower costs by purchasing used storage containers to set up shop in.

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