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The earliest known picture postcard was sent in the year 1840 by the writer Theodore Hook, who addressed it to himself. It featured a hand drawn caricature of some postal workers. From the 1920s through the mid century, some of the most popular post cards featured bawdy or off color jokes, and sometimes, risque images. During World War I, some soldiers would send their loved ones delicate customized postcards made of embroidered silk mesh.

Lester Wunderman, considered by many to the father of contemporary direct marketing, created both the 1 800 toll free phone number, and the magazine subscription card. These days, direct mail customized postcards are an attention grabbing and cost effective way to get your message into the hands of members of your target demographic. You can have real estate postcards made, as well as business postcards, and other types of direct mail postcards designed by professional custom postcard printing companies. Reach out to companies offering customized postcards today, and let them show you how, by using their customized postcards, you can reach the customers that you would like to attract to your business, and get their attention.

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