Getting Started in the Paving Business


In this video, you will learn about asphalt paving services. Dave Strand got involved in the asphalt seal coating business. He met a man named Paul. He was a little rough around the age.

Video Source

He had an old seal coating rig. Back then, all they used were oil-based sealers. Paul would go to Detroit and buy 100 gallons of asphalt sealers. Because you can’t liquidate with water, he would mix it with oil. Paul and Dave would go and knock on doors. They would tell homeowners that they needed their driveways sealed. After a few months, Dave decided to go out on his own. For his first year, he went to a local hardware store and bought a sealer in 5 gallon pales. It wasn’t until the following year that he bought a pickup truck. He found surface coating companies that he could buy sealers from. His problem is that he didn’t know how to liquidate the sealer. He used water. He used a boat motor to mix the sealtent. His employee would help him with this. Asphalt paving is no easy task. Starting your own business is also no easy task. Keep watching this video for more information.

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