Hotels, Motels And Apartments The Properties With The Highest Risk For Fire

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Fire is a daily hazard. A single spark can cause a major accident that lays waste to a business’ structural integrity and puts everyday people at risk for injury and even death. To protect from fire is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Fire alarm installation is one such resource that property management and business owners should use to significantly reduce the risk for fire and stay safe all days of the year. Not only can fire protection services check for any potential malfunctions or lackluster technology, they can provide you with fire escape plans and awareness campaigns.

Property Damage

Fire can total thousands, even millions, in property damage. Hotel and motel fires cause over $76 million in property loss on a yearly basis and restaurants are known for being one of the most high-risk environments for potential fires. Damage to equipment, the building and surrounding buildings mean even a very small fire has the potential to cause major damages and future rebuilding. Warehouse fires, in particular, are associated with the highest average property losses per fire than any other location. Fire alarm installation provides you the means of pinpointing this and snuffing it out before it goes too far.

Data Loss

Some locations are data sensitive. A fire can eliminate necessary information and leave businesses scrambling to make up for lost ground, that of which a fire alarm service can prevent. Fire prevention and detection is an absolute must to safeguard critical data centers. These facilities spend an estimated $150 billion every year to maintain their security networks, with electronic malfunction and power failures some of the biggest risks. Nearly half of all dry (and occasionally wet) chemical system failures are due to a simple lack of maintenance.


Fire alarm inspection needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure your fire alarm system is working properly. Since fire is known to cause thousands of minor to severe injuries every year, it is your duty to keep your clientele and employees safe. Hotel and motel fires cause an estimated 150 injuries yearly. Burn injuries are classified by each layer of skin penetrated, with the risk of infection increased by fire’s unique ability to affect the human body’s ability to heal and clot blood. Fire alarm installation detects smoke and alerts residences to better prevent injury and potential death.


Fire is deadly. Hotel and motel fires cause 15 deaths every year and the four property classes that account for half of all high-rise fires in the United States are apartments, offices, hotels and warehouses. Despite this severe risk, a survey of 119 businesses saw only 35% having any kind of fire evacuation plan in place. This plan can include, but is not limited to, multiple areas to exit the building, fire extinguisher instructions and numbers to call. According to statistics provided by the NFPA, the year 2010 saw American fire departments responding to a total of 1,200 fires in hospitals alone.

Fire Alarm Installation

It is easier to prevent a fire than to clean up the aftermath. Should your facility, business or property be one of high-risk or low-risk, a fire alarm installation can ensure your risk for a damaging fire is of very little risk every day of the year. In the event there is an on-site and trained personnel for fire response, fire detection is known for having a much bigger impact on a variety of different scenarios. Detection should be able to provide a warning 10 to 15 minutes before the end of the incipient stage to help the fire department limit damage. Don’t put yourself and others at risk. Call for a fire alarm check-up and see how you can stay even safer today, tomorrow and a year from now.

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