How Does Your Company Handle Ecommerce Fulfillment?

Logistics management services

Why do you buy an item online instead of visiting a store? It could be that you work long hours and cannot make it into a store; it could be that they do not stock the specific item you need. Or maybe, you just like to shop around for the best possible price, which usually translates to low or free shipping. Over 80% of people have made an online purchase at least once; it is perhaps surprising the number is not higher. Online shopping can be an incredibly convenient and frugal option for customers, but for retailers the situation is a little more complicated. The ecommerce order fulfillment process can only be successful when the logistics management services are running smoothly.

Logistics management services, in short, keep track of operations. The movement of inventory, especially for businesses that primarily rely on online orders, must be managed carefully. More specifically, in a business setting logistics management services ensure that order fulfillment distribution is completed on time. A major component of being on time is understanding warehousing logistics.

In a Peerless Research Survey on warehouse management, 91% respondents said that their number one priority is optimizing the space they have is very important. It is understandable, as no successful retailer sells just one product in one style or color. They offer their customers options, which is likely why the customer is making the purchase online, and why 50% of internet users are repeat purchasers. Appealing to the customer by offering variation is perhaps why warehouse logisticians prioritize making the most efficient use of the space they have. They need to be able to find items quickly and efficiently.

For those who are not logisticians, they may wonder if it is necessary to have logistics management services as an integral part of their business. It is absolutely necessary to have the logistics portion handled by a specific department or Third Party Logistics (3PL). When problems arise in connection to order fulfillment, your customers will not be sympathetic. They will want their money back. And if you cannot pinpoint where the problem started, it can be difficult to fix it.

So you have two choices with logistics management services: do it yourself, or hire an outside company. The trick is to trust the people who know what they are doing, whether they are under the umbrella of your company or a third party.

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