How Small Coffee Vans Compete with Huge Players Like Starbucks

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Did you know that the U.S. food truck industry has seen 1,500 new businesses hit the road since 2007? This has led to the creation of over 15,000 jobs, and over $1 billion in revenue, with a $2.7 billion growth anticipated by 2017. Why are food trucks so popular lately? They seemed to have hit a sweet-spot worldwide with consumers looking for quality, but quick, food during break hour.

America’s Love of Coffee Makes Mobile Cafes Appealing

Coffee food trucks in particular are seeing a rise in popularity. Why are people choosing to franchise mobile cafes? Although countries like Australia have enjoyed specialty drinks for many years, America has only recently discovered them, and there is still ample room for market growth. In fact, specialty espresso-based coffee sales are increasing by 20% each year. Coffee is a predictable and bankable staple of American life, with the average drinker consuming three cups of coffee every day.

How Can Small Coffee Vans Compete with Huge Players Like Starbucks?

This common reservation among those interested in mobile cafe ownership remains relevant, especially considering how Starbucks has a reputation of “being on every corner.” There are several important factors to consider here, however. Starbucks is not, in reality, everywhere. Because Starbucks cannot move, the shops tend to be placed in locations with high population densities throughout the day. This means that many common work locations and industry parks have less easy access to Starbucks and other common brick-n-mortar coffee stores. Mobile coffee vans have the advantage of being able to move to the consumer, rather than waiting for the consumer to arrive.

What are the Advantages to Opening Mobile Coffee Vans Rather than Brick-n-Mortar Coffee Stores?

As noted previously, there is still great growth occurring within the mobile industry, and this is unlikely to curtail anytime soon as consumers continue to turn to it as a more readily available option. Mobile cafes tend to have a much lower barrier to entry than traditional cafes, which can make them a better investment opportunity for individuals looking to change careers. Not only is the location flexible, but the schedule is often more suitable for people with families than a normal cafe might be. Typically, mobile coffee vans open around 7am, and close in the late afternoon.

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