How to Win Contracts for Commercial and Industrial Power Washing

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Commercial and industrial power washers need to be determined and smart to win contracts for their business. There are plenty of commercial and industrial sites that can use the services of a power washer, but there is also plenty of competition. This video explains how to get started in the industry and grow your power washing business with lucrative contracts.

Experience always helps when you are starting out. Even if it’s just a year, you can leverage the experience into starting your own pressure washing business if you pay attention while you’re on the job.

You will also need to invest in marketing. The extent to which you can do this will be based on the money and time you have available. Some people need to work full-time jobs while they are getting their business going and need to be very disciplined with their schedule. Also, building a website, printing business cards, and putting up flyers all cost money. It’s a necessary investment, though, if you want your company to keep growing.

It helps to have systems in place, too. Experience plays a big role in building proper systems that allow you to efficiently finish jobs. Build checklists to guide you through washes and note mistakes you made in the past so you can avoid them in the future.

For more information, check out the video above.

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