HSK Introduces a New Way to Do Old Tricks

Cat 40 tool holders

Technology and machinery can be overwhelming at times. Unless you know and understand all the terminology, the specifics of each project, and how materials operate under certain conditions, it can be downright confusing. The truth is that there are a lot of different ways companies have discovered to do things. HSK tool holders are one of the advancements in technology that are being used in the CNC and milling industry. Hsk tool holders have been said to work better than CAT 40 tool holders but are more common in Europe than in the United States. Take some time to learn more about HSK tool holders by conducting some research on the differences between them and other high speed milling devices.

HSK tool holders are designed to operate at high speeds and are considered the best to use at higher speeds. The term HSK in HSK tools holders stands for ‘Hollow Shank Tooling’ and refers to the style in which the piece locks into the machine. As the speed grows higher, the piece that holds the precision cutting tool in place expands, creating a tighter and more secure grip as opposed to the traditional ball end mills of the past. Aluminum cutters also adapt well to HSK tool holders so be sure to consider all your options when it comes to milling equipment. Consider talking with industry professionals or suppliers of Hsk tool holders and technology about which type of equipment you should look into.

The biggest thing to consider is how HSK tool holders will work with your current precision cutting tools. In most cases, HSK tool holders will work with your current inventory of cutters but there are certain situations to consider. It is best practice to contact the manufacturer of HSK tool holders to discuss your needs and options to choose from. In order to get the best information, have a lengthy discussion about the products you mill, the technology you currently use, and what type of cutting equipments you are using or plan to use in the near future. Also, have the foresight to investigate what type of changes you will need to plan for in the event you do begin to use HSK tool holders for your milling requirements.


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