Implementing Creative Retail Display Ideas for Your Business

Wall sign holder

Consumers today are regularly bombarded with advertisements, commercials, and flashing lights all competing for their attention. With the high volume of goods and services available to consumers these days, it can be difficult for businesses and companies to stand out and fight for their place in the competitive markets. Though it may seem simple, one major element that a good business owner has on his or her side is knowing when to go back to basics and draw in customers with creative retail display ideas.

Creative retail display ideas to catch the customer’s eye

With today’s continuously evolving technology, there are always new things to look at. Flashing screens, animations, LED lights, and more, the advancement of the now ever present technology that we use has created a constant battle for our attention. This can make the job of someone in sales a bit difficult. There is no guaranteed formula for drawing people in to the store. You can’t put one ad out when you first open the doors to your business and expect that people will continue to pour through your doors for years on end because of that one initial ad. The key is to keep coming up with new ad campaigns, fresh concepts, and creative retail display ideas. Paired with exceptional customer service that will get you plenty of word of mouth referrals and recommendations from happy customers to new potential customers, you have got yourself a solid business operation.

Bringing in the masses with the right signage

While it can be difficult to stand out in the whirlwind of marketing campaigns and advertisements, sometimes the most effective methods are the simple ones. With a good, prominent sign for your business on the building itself, and additional signs with the name of your company or detailing the goods or services for sale, you can catch the eye of a wandering pedestrian or someone who has stopped in for another reason. One study showed that about 16% of purchases that were made on impulse or without prior planning ahead of time were the result of a quality sign or display that caught the attention of the customer.

Whether you are using metal display signs, acrylic poster frames, window sign holders or any number of other unique retail display ideas, focusing on that visual appeal will ultimately result in higher sales. Another study revealed that the merchandise that was accompanied by a quality sign sold 20% better than the goods that did not have a sign.

The benefits of good signage

There are plenty of reasons why you should invest in good signs for your business, whether for the outside of the building or for the products within. Proper outdoor signage will bring in more customers, and let the community know just where you are. And signs specifically for your products can end up saving you money as well as bringing in more money. It has been estimated that the expenses related to reaching 1,000 adults with a sign over the course of one year ranges between three cents and 37 cents, while a single commercial lasting just 30 seconds could cost between $4.05 and $7.75 to reach the same number of people.

The right signage can make all the difference. Get your company the goods and services that you sell in front of more people by investing in quality signs.

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