LOTO Can Reassure Even the Most Skeptical of Manufacturers

Lockout tagout program

The manufacturing industry has to account for every possible problem well before it happens. Machines break down, accidents happen, and we often wonder what could have prevented such events. To reduce accidents, confusion, and bad practices in the most advanced settings, explore your options when it comes to lockout tagout training. The Lock Out Tag Out, or LOTO, uses a system of checks and balances that will not allow a piece of equipment or facility to be activated until all workers have signed off that their job is complete and it is safe to resume work. This is usually done with a scissor lock that has many slots for specialized padlocks. Each subcontractor is then given a lock and required to sign off before they can remove their padlock from the scissor lock.

Lockout Tagout training provides workers with the information and safety guidelines needed to properly practice the lock out tag out procedure as well as provides lockout tagout kits for companies who sign up for lockout tagout training. Companies wishing to learn more about lockout tagout training should contact their OSHA inspector or by simply searching for OSHA lockout tagout information on the internet. Be sure to get an idea of what it is the company is trying to accomplish by using the lockout tagout system. It might be the case that, even though lockout tagout training can never hurt, it is not necessary for that specific situation. the best bet is to discuss the new system with an OSHA representative to get a better idea of what lockout tagout training bring to companies and what it is best used for. The OSHA representative should also be able to give you a clear understanding behind the costs of lockout tagout training, lockout tagout kits, and any other mandatory supplies.

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