Machine Tool Metal Chip Removal Process

This Service Solution video is one in a series of videos helping you with preventative maintenance. Companies often overlook preventative maintenance programs. However, if you have a strong program, it will help to eliminate emergency breakdowns that really were not necessary. In addition, a preventative maintenance program can help you reach your production goals.

Taking the time to clean out once a year can reap many benefits for your company.

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Chip build-up can cause devastating effects on your machinery. Taking a few hours of downtime to use a metal chip removal system can save several days of downtime in the long run.

In addition to minimizing wear and eliminating all emergency breakdowns, KRC’s program can create a record of maintenance for your machine and its current condition.

Caitlin DeVore is the sales service manager at KRC and can walk you through how to create a preventative maintenance program, including a metal chip removal system. Otherwise, you may fall victim to the negative impacts of not having a preventative maintenance program in place for your company.

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