Make the Switch from Cubicles to Soundproof Booths

When you run a business you have many responsibilities that help to keep the company afloat. One of the responsibilities is making sure that your employees are productive and happy. After all, happy employees stick around and do their best work. However, there are some aspects of the modern office setting that can be less than satisfying for workers and can lower productivity levels. One of those is the cubicle setup.

When employees are crunched together in cubicles that are line up side by side, there are a lot of distractions in their day. There is also more room for things like gossip and eavesdropping that can lead to unnecessary office drama. This is why it’s a wise business decision to make the switch from cubicles to soundproof office booths.

Boost Productivity

One benefit of investing in soundproof phone booth office spaces is the likely lift in productivity that will follow. Employees have their own space that is quiet and private means there will be less annoyances and distractions for them. They can focus on their work and make important calls without interruptions. This is a great benefit for everyone in the company, not just the office workers.

Lower Drama

Office drama is a hard thing to avoid. When people go to the same place every day and start learning about each other’s lives, personalities tend to clash and rumors tend to start. Phone booth office spaces allow employees their own private spaces and eliminate eavesdropping, which will help to cut back on gossip and drama. Sometimes have your own quiet place to retreat to is all that is needed to move past a spat or to get away from rumors.

A Modern Work Space

Phone booth office spaces are also a great way to modernize your business and make people want to work for you. Given the option between a cubicle and their own soundproof work booth, it’s likely that most potential employees would pick the booth. Chances are if they are sad to lose the cubicle set up then they are missing the ability to chat with coworkers during work periods and might not be the best fit anyway.

An office phone booth makes for a considerably better work space for all employees. You can have larger, coworking soundproof booths for projects where people need to coordinate with one another. Boost your productivity and the happiness of your employees by breaking away from the cubicle set up and embracing soundproof office booths.

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