Non Segregated Phase Bus

Medium voltage switchgear

Today’s sophisticated technology requires a durable and protective covering in order to make sure certain elements are kept safe and secure. For example, electrical switchboards are housed in a metal enclosed system, such as a non segregated phase bus. A non segregated phase bus can be made in certain dimensions, depending on the specifications of the customer. Companies that provide protection for electrical switchboards also offer solutions like a Siemens bus plug and a distribution substation. It’s advised to get familiar with the overall benefits of a non segregated phase bus duct. First off, durable 11 gauge steel or aluminum is usually applied for the construction of a phase bus.

Stainless steel housing is also an option that customers can choose from as well. All enclosures have a baked on polyester powered coated paint to prevent trust and other harsh environmental elements. A non segregated phase bus is easy to install as well. Medium voltage switchgear can be kept safe from the harsh environmental elements by using the appropriate housing. Finding companies that offer non segregated phase buses is easily done by using search engines and social media networks as research tools. More information can be obtained from business directories and blogs as well.


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