On the Fence? Here Are Some Persuasive Figures About Marijuana Business Licenses

How to get into the marijuana business

Filling out a medical marijuana business license application probably isn’t at the top of everyone’s to-do list. But if you’re on the fence about whether to obtain a marijuana business license, here are some facts and figures that might provide you with the nudge you need.

Cannabis legalization is gaining in popularity.
In 2010 only 17% of average Americans supported the legalization of marijuana. Recent polls now show that number has more than tripled. And as the general populace continues to gain reliable information on the benefits of medicinal marijuana, that percentage of supporters may continue to grow.

Professionals already support it.
Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have passed laws allowing treatments with medical marijuana. The New England Journal of Medicine recently published a poll of clinicians, wherein over 75% of respondents believe medical marijuana has benefits for their patients. And of the patients themselves, over 90% of them say that taking medical marijuana has improved their respective conditions.

You can specifically help veterans.
Results from non-governmental studies have suggested that at least 20% of veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Some studies have also shown medical marijuana to be of use to those diagnosed with PTSD. For example, in New Mexico, the leading diagnosis allowing for possession of a medical marijuana license is PTSD, accounting for a staggering 27% of the total listed criteria.

The dangers have been misrepresented.
Opponents of legalization often point to the “inherent” dangers of cannabis, such as lung disease and teen abuse. But the numbers reveal the truth. In a study of a million teenagers over nearly a quarter of a century, the risk of underage usage was about identical in states before and after legalization, demonstrating that legalization didn’t open the floodgates of underage abuse. And as for lung disease, a 20-year study of over 5,000 young adults found that the lung function of cigarette smokers decreased over time, while marijuana smokers actually enjoyed increased lung capacity.

It’s a lucrative field.
In 2013 the medical marijuana field was a $1.5 billion business. In 2014 that number jumped almost 75%. Currently the retail value across the nation is around $36.8 billion, marking an astonishing 1,262% increase in total sales since 2014. Projections across the next five years have the legal cannabis industry surpassing organic foods and the film industry, while pulling down more than three times the revenue of the NFL.

If you’ve been considering a marijuana business license, there’s never been a better time to get in on the ground floor of a positively exploding industry. Don’t look back on this opportunity and wish you’d done something. Take hold of your future… now.

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