Plastics Is the Third Largest Industry in the US

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We live in a disposable time. From the water bottles that we drink from on a daily basis to the packaging that our clothing and food come in, injection blow molding and other plastic containers are a major part of our lives. And while many people thing that there are better ways to package items than plastics, the reality is that this is a safe, affordable, and often recyclable product. In fact a significant portion of the nation’s economy is devoted to plastic manufacturing and recycling.
Plastic Uses Cross All Industries and Parts of Life
Unfortunately, nearly 8.8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean each year. This is equal to one dump truck full of plastic a minute. Even worse, that amount is expected to double by the year 2025. As a result, Americans across the country are taking action to advance both ocean and freshwater conservation. From zoos that are committed to reducing single-use plastics to restaurants implementing paper straws instead of plastic at some of our concession stands. With an effort to eliminate the use of plastic bags at gift shops and grocery stores, Americans can help send the message that they want to see industries invest in reusable products like plastic cylinder containers and plastic handled bottles. In fact, with a concerted effort injection blow molding applications provide lighter weight containers than glass that are less expensive to transport, further reducing the energy needed to transport the goods that Americans use on a daily basis.
The latest statistics indicate that in today’s world 600 billion pounds of plastic are made and consumed yearly, and the market is still growing about 5% a year. Being wise about the making and the use of these plastics can help determine our future. Given that the plastics industry in the U.S. is the third-largest manufacturing industry i should come as no surprise that the continued development of the plastics industry is in everyone’s best interest.

It is not too late to make some New Year’s resolutions that can help you and the environment. By choosing reusables instead of single-use plastics., skipping the straw and losing the lid, and bringing a reusable bag with you to the grocery store and other places that you shop you can eliminate the wasteful plastics of the past and make way for the smarter reusable plastics of the future.

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