Proper Packaging is a Vital Component of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Over-encapsulation and placebo manufacture

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have lots of options to choose from when it comes to properly packaging their products, and finding the best one is vital for making sure medications do not get ruined during transit or storage. While pouches and bottle packaging options have their place and are perfect for certain drugs, pharmaceutical blister packaging is most commonly used in the industry. Blister packaging features a formable web that is used to protect unit dose pharmaceuticals and a high volume can be easily manufactured. Plus, it can feature PVC and foil combinations that allow for thicker and more durable packaging and comes in multiple colors and finishes for a custom look.

Though the average consumer might not know much more than the aesthetic different, pharmaceutical blister packaging offers several advantages that make it the most reliable option for many manufacturers.

  • Convenient and easy to use, even when featuring childproof designs
  • Increases safety compliance and medication adherence
  • Improved efficiency in pharmacies
  • Better cost control for hospitals, nursing homes, and abulatory care
  • Great protection of products
  • Cost effective to help both manufacturers and consumers
  • Helps with space and inventory concerns for retailers and medicine cabinets
  • Senior friendly

As an added bonus, because of the way they are constructed, blister packages can be used as a great marketing tool. Though protecting medications should always be the main priority for drug manufacturers, the reality is that the marketplace is competitive and taking advantage of opportunities is always smart. Carded blister packages are particularly valuable because they allow manufacturers and retailers to include promotional or advertising materials that can be used to build a more loyal customer base.

With so many benefits, pharmaceutical blister packaging has carved out an important role in the massive pharmaceutical industry. Consequently, clinical manufacturing companies need to make sure that they have the infrastructure needed to produce a high volume of blister packages. Doing so is vital for meeting client demands and making sure consumers receive medication that will be sure to work.

When it comes to buying medications, most people might not care at all about the type of packaging that is used until they have a headache and have to deal with struggling to open a container, at least. But the proper packaging is vital for manufacturers who want to make sure that their products are protected from contaminants and damage before they are consumed. As a result, pharmaceutical packages tend to be far more important than most people realize.

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