Safety Is Essential in the Construction Industry

Though construction is needed, it is also known as one of the most injury and fatality-causing industries known in the country. Serious accidents take place every day, including serious falls and exposure. In fact, in the construction industry, falls are known as one of the number 1 causes of death. When it comes to keeping harmful materials out if you are planning a major project, it is important to cover your surface. Many people don’t know what could be left on the surface after the construction workers have left, which is why it is important to consider these aspects and get special window protection film and surface protection so that you know that you and others will not experience a messy aftermath for your construction project or inhale anything that you shouldn’t.

Exposure in the Construction Workplace

In every workplace, you could be exposed to harmful chemicals and more without even knowing it. In fact, across the U.S., about 2.3 million people could be exposed to respirable crystalline silica in the workplace. Construction workers also have a huge risk, as research shows that about 52% of workers were diagnosed with pulmonary restriction, with almost 5% of cases being obstructive, which can cause serious and even fatal results.

When a workplace is undergoing construction, there is a good chance that all involved could be exposed to harmful materials that could have a huge impact on the rest of their life. Contaminants and air pollutants that are left over could be pulled into an HVAC system, which could cause them to recirculate about five to seven times per day, causing harm to those in the immediate vicinity. Because the diseases coming from these contaminants are easily preventable, more must be done to protect workspaces affected by construction, such as surface area covers that can keep harmful materials out and are easily cleaned up. With occupational lung diseases being the number one cause of occupational diseases in America, it is time to take strides in the right direction and prevent this harm at all costs.

Construction is a growing and necessary industry, but protection is needed, as construction also comes with many dangers. It is imperative to protect yourself and others from harm of this nature.

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