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Cruise ships occupy a distinct niche within the transportation industry. They are separated from ocean liners by numerous amenities and by the purpose of leisure travel, where customers are generally taken from port to port, to a specific destination and then back.

The origin of cruise ships started with ocean liners, who were used to transport goods over a long distance. Ocean liners had many of the necessary features required for a modern cruise ship, including the all important aspect of size. But while the lines between ocean liners and cruise ships have become blurred, there are still elements of construction that make ocean liners and cruise ships different.

Ocean liners generally have a larger capacity for fuel, victuals, and other stores for consumption during a long voyage. They also had characteristics that made them difficult for cruising such as high fuel consumption, issues that prevented them from entering shallow ports, and cabins that maximized the number of passengers rather than comfort.

A cruise ship is a significant investment given the cost. Even though cruising has become a major portion of the tourism industry at nearly $30 billion annually, a sudden drop in the number of passengers can quickly put an owner in financial trouble given the cost of upkeep with fuel, food, and amenities.

When looking for cruise vessel parts, it is important to consider everything from cargo vessel parts and equipment to total care marine service. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the parts of the vessel, including the following:

  • The hull, which keeps the ship afloat. It can be a single hull, double, or triple.
  • The propulsion system, which powers the ship to the next destination. The components generally depend on the age of the ship.
  • Safety equipment. This is an important aspect to consider when looking into cruise vessel parts.

These are three of the basic components of a ship and there are many others, including navigation equipment. It’s an important when installing equipment to hire an experienced installation team. All of these aspects when looking for cruise vessel parts make the trip go smoothly for your passengers.

While these components function as the infrastructure, the amenities also must be considered. Most cruise ships have two meals ready for passengers: an early dining option and a late dining option. There has been a trend towards a 24-hour buffet that can serve breakfast and late night snacks. A cruise ship can serve thousands of meals each sitting.

Other amenities can include a gym, cinema, and casino. All require staff. Possibly due to the demand of the amenities and the growing demand for cruises, nine new cruise ships have been built since 2001 aimed at serving North American clientele.

Looking for cruise vessel parts is an important part in keeping your investment profitable.

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