Setting Up an Overhead Boom Mic By Yourself

Setting up an overhead boom mic properly is one of the best ways to solve audio issues in a video. However, you will always have audio problems when shooting a video if you do not know the steps to set up the microphone correctly. Here are the steps to follow when setting up mic booms without the help of audio professionals.

You need three basic components to set up a boom mic: a c-stand, a boom pole holder, and a grip head.

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Once you connect the boom mic to the c-stand, you should place the boom mic above the person making the presentation. You should raise the mic slowly until it is cleared from the video frame.

To ensure that the tip of the mic does not intrude into the video frame, you can wrap a light-colored piece of paper around the end of the zeppelin. For stability, you can place a sandbag on the c-stand or light stand.

It would be best if you also wrapped the XLR cable tightly around the pole’s length in a spiral to keep it from intruding into the video frame. Check out the step-by-step guide on how to set up an overhead boom mic by yourself in the link above.

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