So You Want to be an HVAC Technician?

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Being an HVAC technician can be a rewording experience due to the skills you learn and the salary you may earn. However, there are a few traits you need to have to be a great HVAC technician.

Communication & Paperwork

HVAC technicians have to be able to communicate well. You will be dealing with dispatchers, managers, and other teammembers, and you have to make sure you’re all on the same page. Paperwork is also a significant part of the job, so make sure you are attentive and organized.

Dealing with the Publiuc

You also need to communicate and work well with your clients. They may be stressed out due to the cost and inconvenience of a broken HVAC system, and they’re relying on you to explain the problem and give them a solution.

Weather Resilient

You will be working outside and inclement weather is a part of the job. You have to know what to wear for what conditions and be resilient to cold and heat to be an HVAC technician.

On Call

As an HVAC tech, you are on call all the time. When your phone rings you have to be ready to go to work.

Hunger for Learning

As an HVAC tech, you will constantly be learning. Are you the type of person who can deal with the frustrations of learning new things all the time? Make sure you’re ready to before changing careers.

If you hit all these marks, then congratulations! Being an HVAC technician may be the best career for you.



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